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I’m in Mont kiara today, there is so many people having McD for lunch even there is so many article on news paper or magazine stated that fast food is not good for health but still crowded including me. Are we really not conscious about our health factor but still eating it? For me I’m not frequently eating fast food but once a while just get along with friends.

I do notice that most of the customer does not clear their table when leaving, this remind me during our honeymoon in Australia where you need to clean the table mostly everywhere you dine but ofcouse not for restaurant. For Malaysian seem like not practicing this culture and just leave it to the worker to clean up. It might be good too as creating job opportunities for student as part time jobs.

Nowadays fast food is not cheap compare to normal food and bad to your health so think twice next time what to eat.

Are we ready for Hybrid Car?

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I keep on thinking this question whether we are ready for Hybrid Car in Malaysia? I don’t see much acceptance on Hybrid here, why? Are the consumer worried about the question below

1) Does all the workshop know how to repair hybrid car?

2) How much does the battery cost to replace?

3) Is the maintenance high?

These is what i can think off, I’m thinking what car to get next? Hybrid or non-hybrid. For time being there is not much choices for Hybrid, only Honda and Toyota having Hybrid. Hybrid also have many variant, for Toyota Prius is the 3rd Generation Hybrid is a Series-Hybrid, it run on electric during startup and even when cruising but Honda Civic is Mild Parallel Hybrid where it run on electric when acceleration pedal are release and almost going to halt state.

Since we only have 2 choices the price is still consider high compare to others country, how soon will our car maker come out with Hybrid car? I really hope to get an Hybrid car but can’t afford at the moment, hope that more car maker bringing in more choices for us.

For those who not sure what is Hybrid car all about, you can check it out here.


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We just back from our Bangkok trip last weekend even there were having some political issue where protest going on to force government to re-election but didn’t stop us from going there. We have booked the trip almost year ago when AirAsia giving out promotion, the catch is the travel date is way too far until you might have forgotten that you did do the booking sometimes (very unlike will forget 🙂 ).

Yes, we did the booking and so we went. Everything was smooth and we glad that there is nothing much happen throughout the trip and we hardly feel that there is protest going on but we need to take extra careful and try not to go near places where mob gather like in Chid Lom, Ratchadamri Rd and Silom. This 3 places is the business center having few of the famous hotel and shopping complexes like Central World, Zen, Siam Paragon closed down thus leaving us only to others shopping mall like Platinum Mall (wholesales store)

We @ Bangkok for 5 days 4 nights but only 3 full days in Bangkok as touch down at Suvarnabhumi International Airport around 12 pm Thai local time, Malaysian time is 1 hour ahead so is 1 pm. Getting out from Airport to hotel, check-in already about 3:30 pm including having lunch at Airport. Can’t wait to get food in town as we were very hungry end up having our lunch in Cafe’ Nero by Black Canyon. I like their coffee very much, taste like those coffee bean and star buck but low in sugar where you feel the strong coffee taste.

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How to check Nikon shutter count

Not sure if you know how to check shutter count for Nikon, but there are tools in the net able to help doing that and I’m using this software call Opanda IExif and can be download from here for free. The usage is pretty simple, where you just need to open the last image from your shooting in Opanda and you can see the shutter count there like the screenshot below:-


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Cannot open outlook window

This morning something weird happen to my Outlook 2007 and I’ve never encounter this before where I got stuck on this error message below


I can’t recall of doing any windows updates on the Microsoft Office suite and this just happen just overnight. I’ve check on the pst file to make sure that it does not oversize and do some system maintenance to make sure the system drive space is enough space but it does not make any good.

Manage to get some help from my favorite search engine and you just need to start the outlook with the following command

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\Outlook.exe /resetnavpane

or you can change the shortcut properties to start with the command line every time you launch it.

Blocking external email via Anti Spam module

The Anti Spam modules does not only block spam from entering to your network but it also have the ability to customize based on requirement to filter out email that sent from certain domain and most likely from those free webmail domain.

In this write up will show you on how to block email from Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo domain being rejected by Cyberoam at the gateway level before reaching internal mail server. Please take note that this only works when you hosted your own mail server.

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Nokia XM 5800 firmware 40.0.005



Just upgraded my Nokia XM 5800 firmware yesterday as the previous version 3.1 was extremely unstable causing a lot of inconvenience when using the phone. The most problematic that I encounter is when answering any call, I just can’t hear anything from the caller said. At that time you will notice that any number you press on the virtual keypad was muted as well, so the only was to resolve this is change the profile from general to meeting then changing it back and it back to normal.

I was thinking to reset my phone and see if the problem will go away but I’m stuck on trying to reset it back to factory default where it asking for the lock code and i can’t recall nor know what is the lock code. So i try my luck on the internet and just found out that newer firmware version 40.0.005 was released. I would not aspect it free from any other bug but better than keeping this old firmware so i just give it a try. The update was just easy, you just need to have an internet access and browse to the device updates to get the update. You can refer to my previous write up here on how to upgrade the firmware.

The most noticeable thing after upgrading the firmware was the performance and responsive of the UI is much more smoother and faster plus there is few of the enhancement included like below:-

  • New: Kinetic Scrolling across most of the menus.
  • New: Contacts Bar where you can add upto 4 contacts.
  • New: Ovi Contacts.
  • New: Widgetized Shortcuts homescreen similiar to Nokia 5530.
  • Download! app has now been removed. Anyways it had become redundant after the release of Ovi Store client.
  • QWERTY Keyboard Automatically Rotates on the text input screens.
  • Under Applications, “App Update” has now been changed to “SW Update” similiar to Nokia N97 and N97 Mini.
  • Better Responsive UI.


Upgrade your phone today and wait no more….

Free stuff from

As promised to write on my blog after receiving the gift and thank you so much to Le’Foose for giving me a surprise gift after I wrote an article on my blog here. Taking part is very easy, just write an article about Le’Foose and you on run for the surprise gift.

I just wrote about my buying experience with Le’foose and got my self a Giottos CoCo-Air cleaning system for my camera. With the unique design of this CoCo-Air cleaning system give you ability to clean most of the digital component easily. I would not expecting that i could get anything and just write something to put into my blog and really appreciate it.

Below is the photo of the free gift that I got and for those who want to get a free gift too, hurry up before it runs out. Please read on their website on how to participate.



Source : Le’Foose | Giottos

New Toy

Last Saturday morning I went to my friend (Lee) house to see my new toy, its a Nikon D200 (second hand unit) but in tip top condition. I was shocked when Lee took it out from the box with the plastic bag still intact and all the accessories USB cable, charger, body strap, battery, video cable, CD and manual have not been open before.

According to Lee the previous owner was a Nikon camera collector where he likes to collect all Nikon DSLR cameras and accessories. He got him self a home studio with back drop as well. All the collection was in superb condition where it kept all under cabinet plus all the cameras was not even ever leave its house, solely used at home. I’m very admire this uncle as so much in love with Nikon, for sure is a Nikonian.

frontview[1]Previously I got myself an E-300 where I really like the feel of DSLR then my friend call me up and said there is another unit that is much more better than my E-300 with better offer as well. So I just upgrade my E-300 unit to this D200. Olympus accessories is kinda hard to find some more is much expensive but 1 thing good about Olympus is the lens are almost compatible with all range of DSLR. For Nikon some mid range DSLR does not able to use full range of lenses thus you have to upgrade your body to get the bigger lens.

Photography is an expensive hobby where the price of the DSLR body is not really that expensive but the lenses are the one killing. There is a reason for the price you gave where you can get perfecto picture that you admire most. That’s where i get hooked and my good friend keep on poisoning me 🙂 btw thanks dude for the poison else I won’t get this baby.

Forgot to mention that I’m a beginner and I think a bit LCLY to carrying D200 around :). Who cares as long as I take good picture right. I really appreciate Lee for borrowing me the lens as I just bought the body unit only and now searching for lens.

Below is a good review of this Nikon D200 and if you’re interested to know more about this unit (sorry that this is an obsolete model).

Source : Dpreview

Le’Foose Website Launch


Its been a long wait for all photographer to have another e-commerce site that bringing new and qualities product into the market. Le’Foose founders back with years of experience on photography product ranging from digital cameras, lens and all sort of accessories selling at a reasonable prices.

Product that currently available are from Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Datacolor, Lumiquest, HighKey, KATA, Hoya, Lenspen, Manfrotto, National Geographic, Nissin, Sigma, Sekonic, Clik Elite, B+W and Spudz.

On top of carrying product they also doing photography services for company functions, weddings and later on will be having printing as well. I’ve bought some of product from them as well and their services are very professional as they giving some advice on how to take a good photo. They even show you on how to use the product if you’re not very sure about using it.

I’m sure keeping it as my one of the site to get accessories for my cameras in future.

Source : Le’Foose

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