Restaurant Long Grilled Fish Seafood

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Last Saturday, when to this restaurant in kepong “Long Grilled Fish Seafood” near the 3 Chinese temple along the road side just behind the football field. Sorry..didn’t get the address, the boss recommend us to eat the shark lips stew like shark fin soup. Very delicious and it is not frequent dishes, only happen it got on that day so we just order and taste it but 1 thing is the soup is too little. The other dishes that my friend ask me to taste is the “Rainbow Lo She Fun”, eventually is not what i expected and it make it like “Loh mee” taste is so so only.


After the dinner, plan to find a place for a drink and relax but end up in “Red Box – The Curve”. Reach there around 9:45 pm and sing till 12:30 and worst part we have not finish sing all the song we have choosen. We have not sing our beloved song “Michael Learn To Rock” and “Thong hua – Guang Liang”, this make us all like missing something. Feel like want to continue but sadly all room fully booked.

No choice to just for a teh tarik session in “Palm Spring” there, had few shot of Teh Halia chat for awhile and call it for a day…..i notice that we are out more then last time……

New Nissan Latio

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I have tested the new Nissan Latio last 2 week ago and the car is handling very well in cornering. It quite spacious compare to Vios and quite a lot of headroom space. I’ve try the 1.6 and 1.8 model, i prefer the 1.6 model where it’s more power for town use where 1.8 is more for long distance. 1.6 more save petrol hehehe, pricing wise abit pricey compare to vios and city. Thinking of change to city…still planning or wait till Latio drop price…hahah

Last Saturday saw again the car doing some road show in mid-valley


Free night stay at Sunway Tower Hotel

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Cool..thanks to Lily and Ah ho for giving me this free 2d 1n stay voucher in Sunway Tower Hotel at Sunway. Too bad just can have 1 night stay, even it’s near to my house it’s make me feel like I’m on vacation. We only have a short time, as we check-in after work 6 pm and reach hotel around 7 pm.

dsc00201.jpgBedroom dsc00202.jpg window view Night view from window Night
We took a shower and go to pyramid for dinner as its just behind the hotel in walking distance. We had dinner at 3JC for noodles..too bad forget to take a photo of it. After dinner we go for shopping as now having “Malaysia Mega Sales” promotion, we bought few cloth from FOS and not enough time to shop for others as already 10 pm.

Then we stop by “Star Bucks Cafe” and ordered 1 new flavor Azuki Frappuccino, wonder why call it Azuki? Actually the coffee bean is blend with red bean, it taste like ais kacang with coffee…i let the imagination to you how the taste like..hehehe

dsc00209.jpg night view dsc00213.jpg cute couple  dsc00217.jpg me with my new spec


Whew…last sat went to gym for the first time, the trainer need to teach us how to use all the machine there. As he goes along to teach us to use the machine, he also need to check our stamina and we need to do some test too. I can’t remember how many test taken, i just know that all my muscle in my body start to mis-behaved and like not belong to my body.

I thought i normally have done exercise will be much better and only know that what i been exercise does not have much effect..gee…wait till i recover and i’ll back to gym to continue with it.

Joined California Fitness for 1 month..FREE

He he he, me and jun join the California Fitness (Mid-Valley) free for 1 month trial thanks to my brother for giving me the voucher. We go for a swimming after join just now and there have lot of machine to build your muscle’s, hopefully i can see the result within 1 month time.

They do some blood pressure test, height and weight measurement. My height is 181 cm and weight 78.8 (23.3 fats), i thought i was 80, cool…will continue to keep fit. For my wife, the trainer said she should weight 47 instead of 45. That’s strange as he said 47 is more healthy but need to reduce the fats (28 fats) instead.

The trial membership card is a bit cheapskate, the bar code already fade out even is just printed out. Wonder how can it last for 1 month and need to be scan every time we visit. We just go for a swim and jacuzzi after we join.

dsc00197.jpg dsc00198.jpg

Valve block cleaning

The mechanic have open the engine block and confirm some of the valve have been bent, but manage to repair back not so serious. Save me some buck but overall repair cost also not cheap around RM 800++. Lunch time i go to see the status of my car and they done the valve cleaning and doing the assembly back the valve into the block.

dsc00192.jpg dsc00194.jpg

Then i go to see my car again when i fetch my wife back from work as she work nearby the workshop, they have almost done the valve and going to assemble back all the parts. They rush to settle and return my car by tomorrow morning, hopefully it won’t give any problem after repaired.

dsc00195.jpg dsc00181.jpg

New spectacles photo

Finally i get my new spectacles yesterday night, thought can happily take my spec but the morning incident of my car broke down. But not too bad, atleast i can have the opportunity to have a dinner with my wife as she fetch me.

Strange thing about the spectacle box, that shop gave me a Solvil Titus box instead of the CYMA. When I ask the sales guys, he said out of stock. How could it be out of stock, but he promise to help me get 1 for me. I’ll see if he really help me to get the CYMA box for me..hahaha

Here is what my spec look

dsc00187.jpg dsc00190.jpg

My 5 yrs old car..broke down today

What a beautiful morning at Taman Desa, this is where my new office at. I was planning to go up hill in Taman Desa to pack my breakfast, and I coming out from a junction. When I just out from the junction my car came to a total halt, thought is the fuel problem but I still have Full tank or petrol.

No much choices but to push my car to the side of the road. Try to start again and only can hear the engine starter clunking sound, make few call to my cousin for help and manage to get 1 frequent mechanic to check. When the mechanic arrive he check and found out is the “Timing belt” break and he seem not wanted to do this business. He ask me to find a nearby mechanic and get it repair there, so i said ok then i call up the car insurance company to check whether have free tow service.

Not bad that the insurance got cover for maximum RM200 for car towing then i tow my car to sunway workshop (Ex-cool) that i frequent service there.Below is the picture of the broken belt.

. dsc00182.jpg dsc00183.jpg

True friendship …2

Last night, having some drinks with ex-colleague as Lun is leaving my ex-company also and we all gather around. Found most of them are not so happy about that and it makes me remember back the day i left the company but I feel very happy last night as my best friend is back as usual.

I have taste’s the sweet chocolate now, saving our 5 years friendship. That nite we have not spoken much, most of the time we are listening to “Michael Learn’s To Rock” song’s that the pub is broadcasting almost for an hour’s. I think everyone have their own thinking or pain inside. I promise to keep in touch as much as possible when all of them, and I’ll do my best to accomplish it.

My dear friend’s, if you have any trouble please don’t hesitate to call me. I’m gratefully to help as much I can, you guys can trust my word.


This morning, going for a product briefing TripWire by TransNiaga in KL Sentral. Basically this product does is monitoring and audit all the server in the network, it does a really good job that it keep log of everything that have been done and altered by unauthorized ppl. So any problem happen to the system, you have an idea what have been done lately and by who.

Con about the product is time being it only able to do monitoring and not prohibit the unauthorized access to altered the changes. So that’s mean when virus attack, your system still down and you need to have backup unit available as the TripWire only help you determine who let the virus come in.

It does actually based on Linux tripwire and it have been improve that is can be used cross platform.

Journey of our life…to a greener earth