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Acronis Recovery for Exchange

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Today I went to Acronis Seminar as they are launching the new product Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange with my colleague Lun. There is not much crowd as this is for resellers and the presenter was giving an impressive talk.

Arconis really have put a lot of effort to create such a great software that can save us a lot of time in doing DR and it able to help on the Exchange migration or upgrade version. It can backup exchange database or mailboxes and restoring can be done by mailboxes, databases and emails.

The GUI are really simple to use, just need to do few click and it works like champ. I certainly would recommend to customer if they are using Exchange and Acronis True Image that can restore back Windows Server in just 40 second from bare-metal.

Can you imagine that you can restore your Active Directory server in just 40 second back to your original state where it before it crash and you are able to remote restore the crash servers. Another beauty of the True Image that you are able to change hardware without transfering your data and resetup your preferences desktop setting, as True Image are able to migrate over to new hardware without reinstall your windows. This is another great area from Acronis.

At the end of the seminar there were a lucky draw, giving out 3 copies of Acronis True Image and 1 copies of Acronis Disk Director Suite 10. I was lucky enough for today and I get myself the grand price that is 1 copies of True Image and the Disk Director Suite 10.

Thanks to Acronis APAC and J.O.S (Jardine One Solutions) on the event and gifts.

Website : Acronis

Xiao.vbs Virus

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Recently there is a lot of china spyware/trojan/virus spreading around the net causing a lot of the havoc on certain company in Malaysia as this virus cause the network and system slow. If the pc have infected with “xiao.vbs” virus the existing antivirus will not be able to enabled due to the virus have a running process hidden in memory that even process explorer or task manager not able to be seen.

Xiao.vbs as known as VBS/Autorun-DR by Sophos, VBS_AUTORUN.AYZ by Trend Micro. To remove this virus you need to use the following tools:-

1) Hijackthis
2) Unlocker
3) System Repair Engineer

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Toyota Winglet in action

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Friday 1 August 2008 – This is a cool stuff and very useful in shopping center, airport and warehouse as this can really save your tired leg for the day. Con about it is people will getting lazier as you no need to walk much and it need to consume electricity.

Prepare to step aside Segway, you had your chance to revolutionize personal transportation. Introducing the Toyota Winglet. Still under development, Winglet’s body has a 10.4 x 18-inch footprint and stands 1.5-, 2.2-, or 3.7-feet tall (depending upon the S, M, or L model chosen) and features an electric motor capable of a max 6km/h cruising speed for up to 10km a jaunt (only 5km for the S model). Like the Segway, the user controls the Winglet by shifting his weight to move the transporter forward and back or to make tight turns. Winglet will begin consumer testing at the Central Japan International Airport near Nagoya and Laguna Gamagori resort this Autumn with further testing in more crowded environments planned for 2009. It’s planned to hit a production stride in 2010.

Source : Engadget

Windows XP cannot update after install SP3

I encounter this problem few times on new pc that I just do windows update, during the windows update it ask to download the SP3 patch and i do have the file offline so i cancel the download. Then i install from my offline file, after installed the SP3 patch rebooted and notice that i can’t do anymore windows update but eventualy the windows update have downloaded the updates file but can’t install it.

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MSN display picture changer with Plus Live!

Have you ever wonder how some of your friend MSN display picture is keep on changing like slide show, thanks to Messenger Plus Live! and with the scripts that make it possible. I only get to know this features from Wai Ling a friend’s of mine.

To have this feature, you need to download and install Messenger Plus Live here. During installation make sure you deselect the sponsor option, what does this sponsor do? It actually pop-up’s advertisement once a while and this is really annoying. After you have done the installation then you download the Picture Display Changer it here.

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OpenSolaris Mediakit

I received the Sun Microsystem OpenSolaris Media Kit last saturday (24/05/08) when I back from shopping and saw it inside my mailbox.

Thank you Sun Microsystem for the dvd.


Vadofone acquires ZYB

I got an email from ZYB mention that Vodafone have acquires their services on 16 May and still continue providing the services for free.

Vodafone* today announces that it has agreed to acquire 100% of ZYB, a privately-owned company based in Denmark which operates a social networking and online management tool enabling mobile phone users to back-up and share their handsets’ contact and calendar information online. The acquisition will be made for a cash consideration of Eur31.5 million.

I think they will have more features added in later after acquire by Vodafone.

Source : Vodafone

Belkin claim

Last friday (16/05/08) I received a call from AV Future Link (Belkin Distributor) said the claim that I submit already approved and manage to claim back RM 400 for the spoil cordless phone, modem and wireless router. Not bad atleast I can get back the money and get new devices even after get lightning strike but need to wait for about a month plus.

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Windows XP SP3 Causes ‘Blue Screen Of Death’ On AMD-Based PCs

Just got the news from InformationWeek that AMD processor based PC will get a BSOD after upgrading to SP3, so far I have updated to my Dell notebook (Intel) is running without any issue..(touchwood) luckily i didn’t try on my AMD desktop PC.

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Wifi detector t-shirt

This t-shirt is cool to have as its notify you where is the strongest wifi signal available. I saw this shirt on ThinkGeek website and the signal bar is really works as it runs on 3 AAA battery but i hate it when it need to use batteries, it should make it to run on solar instead…Go Green.


It selling at ThinkGeek for $29.90, interested can buy online.

Source : ThinkGeek