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ScribeFire blogging tool

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Scribefire: Fire up your blogging

Blogging tool is depend on user preference where some like to use Window Live Writer as I was used to use it too when using on windows but then I’ve converted to use Ubuntu and most of the time at home i will be using Ubuntu so finding another blogging tools that is similar to WLW is not much or maybe i’m not know of it.

I google around and found some people comment to use ScribeFire that just add-on to firefox browser and is very convenience to use. At any time you want to blog about website or just thought of something you just press “F8” inside Firefox browser you will get the blogging tool directly. It have all the features like what you need in WLW and I didn’t find any difficulty on find the function.

The installation is very straight forward as it only install as plug-in, file download size also pretty small. So give it a try today…

Profwiz profile migration tool

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ForensIT does a great job by providing such a great tool for free that ease IT Administrator job on doing profile migration when doing domain migration especially changing from different domain but remain back user old profile.

I use this tool recently on few domain migration project that would need to use a week or more for migrating user profile but with this Profwiz we takes about 2 days to complete migrate 40 workstations to new domain.

I write a mini how-to on this great tool Profwiz that can help reduce migration times as below:-

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Happy 10th Anniversary MSN

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MSN Messenger celebrate 10th Anniversary, not sure when was the date but this morning when I login to my MSN it popup the highlight stated celebrating 10th Anniversary and suppose is today I think… 🙂

I’ve been using MSN for quite sometimes and its still the best and easiest online communication tools where Windows pc comes with it without having to install manually.


Great job that Microsoft have done on MSN.


Source : MSN

WordPress 2.8.4

August 12, WordPress released another bug fixed update that required blogger attention as they discovered that an attacker could send a special crafted URL would allow attacker to bypass security check to verify user request for a password reset. It does not allow remote access but it cause annoying to the blogger admin.

Please update yours today and I’m going to update now.


Read the full article here.

Synergy – Keyboard & mouse sharing

I was looking ways to share 2 pc’s with a single keyboard & mouse, but not mean using the KVM switch that sharing the keyboard, mouse and monitor where still having 2 monitors. I need this because from time to time, we need to do workshop where I need to show something on the demo pc and slide on the notebook.

Currently what I do is, I VNC to the demo pc to control the keyboard & mouse movement. As you all know that when using VNC the screen resolution will affect the size of the screen where you need to scroll up and down or left to right thus very annoying. Previously I got to know a software call Synergy that works on multi platform but I’m having trouble configuring it end up giving up.

Today I try again to configure this piece of software and manage to get it up as the documentation was a bit confusing for the first time until you try it out then you will know. Here I wrote a simple steps to help out if you need to use this software and the current version that I download is version 1.3.1,

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Nokia XM5800 v30 firmware update

Recently Nokia released the firmware version 30.0.011 on 29-06-09 and I just update my phone this morning. Not much changes that I notice on the interface or features added, below is the screenshot of the updated firmware version.


But I notice that the touch screen sensitivity does improve a lot and also the speed of application launching is much faster now. There are news that v31 will be going to launch quite soon with more features and enhancement and I would recommend to upgrade to this firmware release as i feel this release have much more improvement then previous version especially on performance and stability.

Disable DEP on Vista

Have you ever encounter Explorer, MSN and some other application crash due to unknown reason and it keep on crashing even you tried to restart few times. I encounter this on Vista after installed with SP2 but this happen to Vista Home as I was setting up 2 new dell notebook for my friends.

First I thought will be the MSN issue as it was the first application that crash then follow by others. So this could not be the problem with MSN and after checking is due to DEP that causing it, I try to disable on the My Computer but on Vista does not have that option.

Below is how you can disable DEP on vista :-

1. Click Start
2. Click All Programs
3. Click Accessories
4. Right Click on Command Prompt
5. Left click on Run as Administrator
6. Click the Allow button if it asks you for permission
7. Type or copy and paste this into the command prompt window:

    bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff

8. Hit enter and you should see the confirmation: Operation Completed Successfully
9. Reboot and DEP should be off.


Would it be handy if you have torch feature on your phone where you have used it in-case there is power failure or car breakdown in middle of no where and you need torch to check something. Before I change to XM5800 I was using Sony Ericsson W810i where it have the torch feature but I can’t find it on XM5800, a bit disappointed as I frequent using the torch.

So i search around the net and found this software call PhoneTorch for Symbian where it program to use the built-in camera flash for the torch feature. Bear in mind that using this software might cause the flash light spoil in long hours using as torch, it can be downloaded from here.

It not just providing torch light but it have the option to create Morse code flashing for S.O.S incase you lost in jungle or strain in middle of ocean.


This is the screenshot of the PhoneTorch program, the switch color button is to change to red color flash.

Resetting Nokia XM5800 to factory default

Have you encounter problem installing application to your XM5800 where it prompt "certificate expired" or something, this happen to every application you tried to install. The only way to resolve this is by reset your phone back to factory default setting, so how are you going to do that?

I’ll provide the steps as follow and there is also a lot of guide available on the net and I just create my own for my reference as well. Rule of thumb before doing any factory reset or formatting, please do backup all your important data from your phone via Nokia pc suite and also remove your memory card from the phone slot before resetting.

1) Remove the memory card from the phone slot, press the power button and select "Remove E:" and on your left hand bottom there is where your memory card located. Remove the slot cover and press the memory card as this will eject the memory card out.

2) Now press on your dialer "*#7370#" this will prompt you "Restore all original phone settings? This will restart" and press "Yes" to continue.

3) Your phone will be reset and restart with original setting where you need to set some basic setting like time and date, language and so on…

4) You can plug back the memory card into the memory slot then you can install your favorite application without problem.

The steps is quite easy and only problem you need to backup and restore all the data back, hopefully this problem does not happen all the times. Since after you have reset and not install much application, you can consider to upgrade the firmware as well if you don’t have the latest firmware. To check the firmware version on your phone, press "*#0000#" and you can see something like below:-


If your version is lower than the image above, you can update by pressing the "Options" button and press "Check for updates" this will check for updates and download the latest version into your phone. Then you have option to upgrade the existing version and will restart your phone. I did encounter that i need to power off and on few times to have successfully upgrade the firmware. Alternative you can download the firmware updater from Nokia website and upgrade via Nokia application updater using USB connection.

Uninstall apps in Nokia XM5800

You facing problem when you have tried many software’s or themes installed on your phone and taking up the memory disk space. Most of the time you will not bother to uninstall those unused application, this will cause slowness on the phone as well so better remove those are not used but how to uninstall software or themes from the phone?

Just few easy steps below to remove application

1) Press the white button to access the main menu

2) Click on “Setting” then “Application mgr”

3) Select “Installed apps” and you can see all the program and themes installed

4) Select the application that you want to remove and click on “Option” and “Uninstall”

That’s easy right, so takes some times to clear out as this can speed up your phone access.