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3rd Anniversary

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Its been another year making it to our 3rd years wedding anniversary, Happy Anniversary to my wife and sorry for delay posting it to my blog as our anniversary was on 6th November. This year a bit special as we decided to have dinner in 3 different restaurant for celebrating 3rd year anniversary, so next year we might go for 4 restaurant 🙂 and we goes to I-dragon, 1901 hotdog and Senjyu Sushi.

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Big, Bigger, Biggest

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I’m watching National Geographic showing how the Burj Dubai tallest skyscrapers consist of 160 floors. Watching all the technology and idea to build such a marvel buildings is really interesting thing to do. The current height of the building now is reaching 688.00m last updated on 1-09-08, this building also claim able to handle earth quake up to level 6.

Source : Burj Dubai

Lightning strike again…

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Oh man this is the second time my modem kena lightning strike and i not really aware that there is an strike. Altought I have install the Belkin powerstrip with phone lightning arrest but it still go through wonder how does it protect my device?

And I thought that my phone line having problem that I can’t hear any dial tone as I encounter few times telekom doing something on the exchange cause no tone and after few hours to 1 day the tone will back to normal. But this time few days so I check all the phone wiring as my house phone wiring was a mess, then only found out the Belkin powerstrip was out on the phone line.

At the same time my 3 yrs old rig having problem on the mainboard, it won’t startup hang on the BIOS screen just displaying the proccessor and that it stop there. Suspect cause by the lighning strike also where 1 of my 8 port switch port spoiled, might be the current strike to my mainboard LAN port make it short circuit.

Not sure if can claim my mainboard also, but if yes how to sent it? bring my whole rig over with all my data for sure I won’t give them right as i have tons of movie inside LOL. Will call them up later to clarify how to claim my mobo.

Discovery Channel – Boomdeyada MV


I love this mv from discovery channel – I love this world and really make me to love this world more. If you love this song and would like to keep it, you can download the mp3 version from here.

Enjoy this music video, you will start to love this world more and love our mother nature.

Eye on Malaysia

This is my second post on Eye on Malaysia as today is the last day the wheel will turn as it’s going to be pull down tomorrow. For those who have not taken the ride, you will miss the chance and not sure whether it will be coming or not but i don’t think it will.

Eye on Malaysia was launch on 6 January 2007 in conjunction of Visit Malaysia Year 2007 Celebration, hope next year will have another attractive event for malaysia.

I went for the ride on October as they said might bring down on December but then they extend the ride till today. The ride was quite enjoying as you hardly notice you have been up to the sky and the spectacular view from the sky seeing the KL city.

If got chances I will go for a ride on London Eye as the ride was different from here, the ride was on a capsule type where you will have to stand inside and the capsule will rotate to balance out the movement and you can see the whole London city.

Wish my dream come true.

Fitness First 14 days trial

I went to Fitness First for a 14 days trial with my wife as I got the trial coupon given by Microsoft, so we decided to do workout for free. We went to the nearest outlet that is in IOI Mall as we stay in Puchong, as usual before getting the free trial they will go a round check with your body condition and also pursuit you to join them as a member with those attractive packages.

For sure I will not join unless I really tested right? 🙂 But either after trial or not I will not join at the moment as too many debt need to be settle, wait till any of the debt is settle than can consider. Ok, back to the gym the IOI outlet seem to be a little bit small compare to California Fitness in Mid-Valley. Compare to California, they offer 1 month trial better than here 14 days, it does have the standard gym equipment like Cardio, cycle, free wight, body workout, yoga classes and body workout classes. Those equipment only have few units so if there is a lot of people going for gym than you might need to wait for your turn.

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Petrol price hike to RM 2.70

Got a lot of sms floating around said today petrol increase 0.78 or 0.80 sen today and not sure and asking around people but not much people know. A friend of mine send me msn msg link an article from here , i wonder where on earth that goverment going to increase the price without inform or notice.

On the article mention is today midnight and my friend friends said he went into petrol station and saw the price already increased. My tank is empty now later need to pump the expensive petrol and give me the same performance.


The new price of petrol is RM2.70 per litre beginning midnight tonight, it was announced a moment ago by Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad. Diesel will go up by RM1 per litre while the price for ULG 92 per litre went up by 74 sen. The 78 sen hike or 40 per cent increase for the ULG 97 petrol is still below the antiticpated RM4 per litre price projected earlier and among the cheapest in Asia.

Source : NST | Malaysia Kini

Office Break-in

This morning around 7:30, my lady boss call me ask me whether I can immediately go to office as she said next door call her up and said the police is looking for us to open the door as they suspect there is thief hiding inside. At the time I received the call I just finish my shower then I immediately change my cloth and speed to the office while waiting my colleague come with the office key as she on the way.

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Opening a locked luggage bag

My wife send me an email contain a video file with the title “Openning a baggage” and that get me interested so I download it and have a look. The video demostrate on how to open a locked luggage bag without tampering the luggage and it can be sealed back without you notices the bag have been open before.

This is really worries us when we travel anyone can open your luggage to steal or put something on the bag and you won’t know it. For those who travel a lot, please make sure to find those luggage bag that is safe and reliable. Have a look on the video here.

Source : YouTube