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I’m in Mont kiara today, there is so many people having McD for lunch even there is so many article on news paper or magazine stated that fast food is not good for health but still crowded including me. Are we really not conscious about our health factor but still eating it? For me I’m not frequently eating fast food but once a while just get along with friends.

I do notice that most of the customer does not clear their table when leaving, this remind me during our honeymoon in Australia where you need to clean the table mostly everywhere you dine but ofcouse not for restaurant. For Malaysian seem like not practicing this culture and just leave it to the worker to clean up. It might be good too as creating job opportunities for student as part time jobs.

Nowadays fast food is not cheap compare to normal food and bad to your health so think twice next time what to eat.


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What is the latest trend in fast food industry? Have you ever heard of Pizza in a cone? I went to Pavillion shopping mall past 2 weekend to walkaround as there have many food that you can find in the food court area. I find this KonoPizza a bit interesting where you have your favorites pizza in cone and you can freely enjoy your pizza while you on the go or window shopping.

This is the latest fast food in town bringing you direct from Italy where you have your pizza on the go. When was your last time you have food on your cone? Mostly cone widely used for ice-cream and do you still remember during the old days my parents used to bring me to cinema at night. During those days is very popular to have Indian selling “Kacang Puteh” and will pack into a paper cone so you can enjoy it during the show.

This concept is very convenient for those who always on the go but sometimes you want to have some pizza and you have no time to dine there, so grab a cone of your favorites pizza while rushing for your busy schedule. If you have not tried it yet, head yourself to Pavillion Mall food court section just opposite the “Food Republic“.

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Sa kot (Yam Bean) soup

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Yam Bean a.k.a “Sa Kot” in Cantonese and can be eat it raw as it is very sweet, so using it to boil soup will make the soup delicious. It is easy to boil and its better to use slow cooker to boil it as it need around 3 to 4 hours to boil and the taste is superb. Not sure what is the benefit of this soup but is really delicious even with just a simple ingredient.

1/2 piece of small Sa Kot
3 to 4 pieces of chicken leg
1 piece dry scallop
3 to 4 pieces of dried oyster
1 carrot (chopped to pieces)
Water (put the water reaching almost half of the cooker)
salt to taste

The ingredient above can cater for 3 person and you just need to wash all the ingredient and put into the slow cooker, let it boiled for 3 to 4 hours. When you about to serve just add dash of salt to taste, preferable to use sea salt.

Kim Chi Soup Noodle

Last week me and my wife plan to cook kim chi noodle for today breakfast as we bought the Kim Chi from Cold Storage supermarket. What makes both of us fall in love with Kim Chi noodle as we have tried it at one of the korean shop in Sunway Pyramid (near the ice skate area). The shop owner is a korean and they really cooks very very nice korean food, quite a lof of korean dine there. Been there twice and having the same dish that is Kim Chi noodles, the soup was so deliciuos with the kim chi and chicken.

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Penang food location map

Here I put all the location map for the food that i’ve try out so is easier for you guys to know the exact location rather than guessing.  All the map below is courtesy of google earth as I cut from there and please let me know if any of the map point to the wrong place as it quite hard to locate from google map.

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Second night in Penang

Come to second night in penang, we try out this place in Tanjung Bungah and its quite easy to find if you coming from Batu Ferringhi you will saw the Swimming Pool on your left hand side. Futher up a bit you can see a low cost flat on your right and there is a traffic light there, turn left on that traffic light as you can see a red signboard “Tai Pak Kong Temple” (note that the wording is in mandarin). Go straight in till you see the temple as the restaurant is next to the temple facing the sea.

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Night at penang

On the first night in penang, we went to Gurney drive where you can find quite a number of food stalls and its quite popular. Its a bit different compare with the last time we visit as the food there not really as tasty as last time so we just have 1 bowl of asam laksa and prawn mee.


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Penang trip…continues

The first stop when reach Penang by ferry service is the Fort Cornwallis and the Light house as is it near to the ferry port. Driving distance within 5 minutes where you can saw the cannon and light house. Surprisingly from the man who incharge of the light house said it only open to public recently and not much people aware this light house even the localities dunno about it.

It not really high but both of us not keen to go upstair, but if you got chances should walk up and have a beautiful view to the sea. Fort Cornwallis is an old star-shaped fort and was built by Captain Sir Francis Light in 1786.


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Penang trip

We depart from KL around 6:30 and we are using the Guthrie Highway, out from Guthrie toll toward Ipoh around 7:00 am. Traffic on that day is very smooth and reaching Ipoh at 9:00 am for our Dim Sum breakfast at Foh San restaurant, although is weekdays the crowd is still there and is almost full house but no need to wait for queue.



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Penang…here we come

I’m going to Penang next Thursday (17-04-08) with my wife for holidays and food finding. Anyone have any nice food to recommend, please feel free to drop some and i will try it out.

This will be our second time stepping into Penang as first visit was on year 2003.I miss some of the food there especially Asam laksa, fried Oyster (ho chian) and etc. How does the Penang name come from? this is what i found in wikipedia

 The island was referred to as 檳榔嶼 (Bīnláng Yù) in the navigational drawings used by Admiral Zheng He of Ming-dynasty China in his expeditions to the South Seas in the 15th century. Early Malays called it Pulau Ka-Satu or “First Island”.

The name “Penang” comes from the modern Malay name Pulau Pinang, which means island of the betel nut tree (Areca catechu), family Palmae. In Chinese, Penang is known as 檳城 (pinyin: Bīnchéng / Bīngchéng; Hokkien: Peng Sheah). All three names can refer either to the island of Penang, the state of Penang or sometimes the state capital, George Town.

More specifically, George Town is known as Tanjung in Malay and 喬治市 (Qiáozhì Shì) in Chinese. Penang Island is simply Pulau Pinang (/’pulaʊ ‘pinaŋ/) in Malay and 檳榔嶼 (Bīnláng Xù) in Chinese, and Penang state is Negeri Pulau Pinang in Malay and 檳州 (Bīn Zhōu) in Chinese.

I will post all the photos and all the food we taste when we back…stay tuned.

Source : Wikipedia