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Are we ready for Hybrid Car?

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I keep on thinking this question whether we are ready for Hybrid Car in Malaysia? I don’t see much acceptance on Hybrid here, why? Are the consumer worried about the question below

1) Does all the workshop know how to repair hybrid car?

2) How much does the battery cost to replace?

3) Is the maintenance high?

These is what i can think off, I’m thinking what car to get next? Hybrid or non-hybrid. For time being there is not much choices for Hybrid, only Honda and Toyota having Hybrid. Hybrid also have many variant, for Toyota Prius is the 3rd Generation Hybrid is a Series-Hybrid, it run on electric during startup and even when cruising but Honda Civic is Mild Parallel Hybrid where it run on electric when acceleration pedal are release and almost going to halt state.

Since we only have 2 choices the price is still consider high compare to others country, how soon will our car maker come out with Hybrid car? I really hope to get an Hybrid car but can’t afford at the moment, hope that more car maker bringing in more choices for us.

For those who not sure what is Hybrid car all about, you can check it out here.

Earth Hour @ 28 March

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Today I received the Earth Hour T-shirt that I order from via postage and I plan to wear it on a wedding dinner this Saturday night.Do you think the restaurant will follow the event by turning off the light during the dinner with just candle light and that would be awesome.I’m really can’t wait till that day to see how is it like whole city or even country without lights.

So what your plan for this big event?

You might not need to join the crowd but just stay out in the car porch and enjoy the night view, just feel like you’re on a beach…minus the wave sound. I hope most of the Malaysian are able to support for this event by just turning off the lights for 1 hour to save our mother nature although some might think what we can save by just turning off the light for an hour, right?

This is not just for 1 home or country but is worldwide and it won’t end here as this is also to educate people on saving planet by recycling, reduce pollution, save tree and energy.

Hope together we can save the planet to have a greener planet.


Earth Hour | WWF

Discovery Channel – Boomdeyada MV

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I love this mv from discovery channel – I love this world and really make me to love this world more. If you love this song and would like to keep it, you can download the mp3 version from here.

Enjoy this music video, you will start to love this world more and love our mother nature.

Ways to save electricity

Everything in Malaysia have increase price and all the citizen are finding ways to combat this issue as we can see from the petrol price hike quite a number have convert their vehicles into NGV as it much more cheaper. The electricity price also have gone up and we need to find ways to combat this too and here is some ways that can help to save your electricity bill

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Toyota Winglet in action

Friday 1 August 2008 – This is a cool stuff and very useful in shopping center, airport and warehouse as this can really save your tired leg for the day. Con about it is people will getting lazier as you no need to walk much and it need to consume electricity.

Prepare to step aside Segway, you had your chance to revolutionize personal transportation. Introducing the Toyota Winglet. Still under development, Winglet’s body has a 10.4 x 18-inch footprint and stands 1.5-, 2.2-, or 3.7-feet tall (depending upon the S, M, or L model chosen) and features an electric motor capable of a max 6km/h cruising speed for up to 10km a jaunt (only 5km for the S model). Like the Segway, the user controls the Winglet by shifting his weight to move the transporter forward and back or to make tight turns. Winglet will begin consumer testing at the Central Japan International Airport near Nagoya and Laguna Gamagori resort this Autumn with further testing in more crowded environments planned for 2009. It’s planned to hit a production stride in 2010.

Source : Engadget

China automaker going Hybrid

Wow this is really interesting that China car manufacturer is going for Hybrid technology as they know the problem with Global Warming. Our local car manufacturer seem does not really car about it and local authorities should start think about it now since it getting worse if we all still carrying the attitude of  “don’t care”.

Although it was not in the market yet but they have this intention and if I not mistaken few years back on our local Autoshow I saw a prototype of Perodua Kenari equip with Hybridengines but dunno where does this prototype goes. I do know that current Hybrid car is very expensive but all the car maker bring into malaysia it might cut down the price or maybe they are waiting for open market. When will this going to be happen open market?

Frankly speaking I does not have confident on china made product but somehow they really improved on their technologies.

Source : Tree Hugger

Wifi detector t-shirt

This t-shirt is cool to have as its notify you where is the strongest wifi signal available. I saw this shirt on ThinkGeek website and the signal bar is really works as it runs on 3 AAA battery but i hate it when it need to use batteries, it should make it to run on solar instead…Go Green.


It selling at ThinkGeek for $29.90, interested can buy online.

Source : ThinkGeek


Onion Power

Have you ever wonder what can an onion do other then eat it? What a surprise to see an article from Green Daily that you can charge up your ipod using an onion. I’m not sure whether this is true or fake video but it look like real, if this really can work we really can alternative power source and we can have a greener world.

The whole thing only takes a couple minutes to set up (besides letting the onion soak) and you only need a USB cord, an onion, some Gatorade, and a screwdriver.

Source : Green Daily | Tree Hugger

Go Green

I login to my hotmail account this morning, and saw 1 email mention msn will be closed down because of too many ppl registered and no longer have name left. It ask me to send to 18 ppl and your account will not be deleted, i wonder still got ppl who really trust this kind of email and do forward to me.

The email inside said “if you not believe me, can go to to check it out”, so i just go to to see if it real. Good news is i didn’t found any article for it, but then I saw 1 link said “How global warming will cost you” and it interest me. I read through the article and it really gives me a lot of tips on how to go green, here i put the links for you all to have a look and make a greener world.

Source : MSN | Green Guide

Green Daily

Today while searching something on the net and saw the text on top of the page “One small click of your mouse, one giant leap for your planet” and I just click it see if I can make a giant leap for the planet and then link me to this website GreenDaily .

It all about environment friendly and recycled help to save the world. Hope you too can help to make a better world by recycling, use less plastics bags and much more ways to save the worlds.

Source : Green Daily