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PDF bookmark

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I use to read a lot of user guide, how-to and magazine that most of the time we can’t finish reading it in short time. If we read books, we can just slip in a paper bookmark but how we going to do it for PDF files?

There must be a way to digitally bookmark where you can read back where you left off. I can’t find any option to do it in Adobe Acrobat Reader so  I do a quick dig in google and found ways to enable the bookmark with just install a plugin into the adobe plugin folders. This plugin is very useful for those who read lots of long story books in pdf files.

You can download the plugin from here and copy the plugin into the following location based of your adobe version

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International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta @ Putrajaya

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The Hot Air Balloon Fest start today @ Putrajaya till 22 March 2009, the event is a collaboration with AKA Balloon Sdn. Bhd and there is about 50 balloonist from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Britian, The United States, France, Belgium, Holland and New Zealand.

I’ve not seen a real hot air balloon in my life and I won’t miss out this event, we plan to go during the weekend with my wife and brother Wing Loon for a photography session there. The event are open for public plus they also serve cocktail and mocktail charge ranging RM 15++ to RM 22++.

So don’t miss out this opportunity to see Hot Air Balloon @ Putrajaya.

Itinerary as below

Date Time Activities

19 March
Thursday 0700 – 0745 Arrival of media & guests
0745 – 0815 Balloon area opened to photographers; Photo Op#1
0745 – 0900 Balloon Fun Fly with Media
0900 – 1000 Para motor showcase
Children Colouring Contest (aged 7-9), prize: hot air balloon ride with parents
1000 – 1130 Remote Control Flying Aircraft Display
Children Colouring Contest (aged 10-12), prize: hot air balloon ride with parents
1130 – 1200 Paper Airplane Contest
1500 – 1630 Remote Control Flying Aircraft Display
1630 – 1730 Para motor showcase
1730 – 1900 Balloon Fun Fly
1745 – 1815 Balloon area opened to photographers; Photo Op#2

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Safari 4 beta

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Get to know that Apple release Safari 4 browser for public beta from Wing Loon blog and I get hooked on the Top Sites features that look like Aero in Vista. So I grab a copy from here and the file size is about 26 MB, after I install so I going to test it and test on few sites that I used to go on daily basis. I find the loading speed is really fast and does not encounter any issue on any web sites that require java or activeX but there I do found some of the limitation as below

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Salak Jaya toll abolished today

Great news for Salak South road users where Besraya RM 1.30 toll in Salak Jaya aka Salak South have been abolished today but they will be another toll build somewhere is Loke Yew area and the location of the toll has not been confirm yet. As you can see the Salak Jaya toll was not really much people who use that road and then only they choose to close down as government will paid compensate to them.

In your opinion which other tolls that should be abolished? For me I will choose LDP, from Puchong to Sunway the distance is within 7km and the traveling time takes about 30 min to 45 min to reach plus they charge consumer RM 1.60 just to stuck in the jam. How ridiculous is this and there is nothing much have been done to improve the situation.

Apply leave

A mechanic worker Cheong working in a car workshop with another 2 colleague, one day he wanted to applied leave and submitted the application form to admin clerk and few days later…

Admin : Cheong, your leave application was rejected due to not enough staff

Cheong : Huh (sigh), when do we have enough staff here?

Boss : We reject because too many holidays for this month already

Cheong : Too many holidays cannot take leave? when to take leave then.. (X*&*%!)

Auto power up ATX power supply

About 2 months ago my mainboard was strike by lightning and can’t find the new mainboard for the old processor AMD Athlon 64 poor old thing. So now left on the casing is the DVD-RW and 3 hard disk, not worth for me to invest another new processor and mainboard as the desktop mainly for watching and download movies.

So I plan to buy 3 SATA/IDE to USB converter to hookup my 3 hard disk, but those converter need to use external power source to power the hard disk and if you have 3 set then you have to use 3 power point that will be mess with cables. Good if you still have the old AT power supply where you can turn on and off the power supply by the switch.

And I don’t have any old AT power supply so I Google and see if there is any guide on turning on ATX power supply without mainboard and viola found some guide on doing that and it was really really simple. Thanks to all the guide out there and it really helpful, below is how to do it.


To turn on an ATX power supply that isn’t connected to a motherboard use a wire or paper clip to short the green wire (PS_ON) to any one of the black wires (COM).

Also, be aware that some of the older Dells (older than Dimension 4300) did use proprietary powersupplies that are not wired the same as the ATX standard, even though they will look physically the same.

Source : techPowerUp

Gong Xi Fa Cai

I take this opportunity to wish all Malaysian Chinese community a very Happy Chinese Moo Moo Year and others community a Happy Holidays. For those who going back home town have a safe journey ahead and those back seat passenger don’t forget to buckle up.

Best Wishes to all healthy, wealthy and properous through out the years.

Gong Hei Fatt Choy.

Astro Battleground 2008/09

Last night was the Astro Battleground 2008 Final live from Euphoria by Ministry of Sound disco in Sunway Logoon Resort. The finalist was Ultimaxx, Twister Genius and ECX, my vote is for ECX as their performance was really awesome as their choreographers and move was superb. ECX team consist of 5 person, all the movement was move at the same time without any of the member was slow or fast.

This is the group that I admire most and every time they show us a lot of creativity on their moves with popping, locking, jazz, hip hop and krumping . Last night show was extreme as I really get excited on their moves, it really get you moving and can’t wait for the surprise moves. If I was there watching live, for sure I’ll scream like no mother business and it was a really good show.

It’s really hard for me to see any mistakes on the moves, you guys really catch all the audience – Marcus Tucker

Below is some of the previous video from the competition, enjoy the show guys.

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Car break-in in Taman Bukit Jalil car park

Today morning, I went to Bukit Jalil for a jog and when I reach the car park I saw a guy around age 30+ wearing a white T-shirt and long pant. I recognize this guy face as I saw him 3 weeks ago at the same place breaking into people cars and steal things. At that time I did called police but I waited for around 1 hour and there is no sign of police coming over, then I just continue my jogging.

I felt a bit strange why the car alarm does not alert and that guy really can open a car door in second. He just pretend to be exercising at the car park and he just look for a car to break-in, then he stand beside the car pretend do something with his shoe or something and the car door just open like that. Mostly I saw is proton car that this guy break-in, so guys if you’re going to Bukit Jalil to jog please don’t leave any valuable things in your car even your house key.

Pass this message on to your friend or family members to alert them, I’ll try to get this guy photo if possible.

Clean with Vinegar

I found a useful household tips from star newspaper quite sometimes ago and my dad cut the article out paste it into the whiteboard. Since CNY is almost around the corner and we started to clean our house so this is some good tips that can be used.

Few people realize how easy it is to clean your home with vinegar. This inexpensive liquid can clean everything from car chrome to vegetables to pets.

– Use vinegar to help scale fish. Rub the fish with vinegar, wait five minutes, then scale. Keep wood cutting board clean by wiping with full strength vinegar regularly

– Vinegar is great to remove strong food smells. Rinse your hands in it (full strength). For smell in the air, whether from food, cigarettes or paint place dishes of cider vinegar around affected areas.

– To clean fresh vegetables, place dish with water, vinegar and salt.Bugs and soil float right off.

– To de-ant problem areas, spray full-strength vinegar around windows, doors, under appliances and anywhere you see ant trails.

– To keep your kitchen drain smelling sweet, put a cup down the drain weekly. Let sit for 30 minutes, then flush with cold water.

– To unclog a drain, pour in 1/2 cup of baking soda and add 1/2 cup vinegar. Wait until it finished fizzing, then pour a cup of boiling hot water down the drain.


Hope this tips can helps to clean your home during this CNY.

Source : The Star