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InvisibleSHIELD for gadgets

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For gadgets lover, you were trying ways to protect your gadgets from scratches especially on the device screen. I was finding some software for my Nokia ExpressMusic 5800 and saw an advertisement showing this InvisibleSHIELD that able to protect your gadgets from scratches not only on the screen but full body cover.

InvisibleSHIELD was made from a durable military film that protects US military helicopter blades from high speed damage. Zagg bringing this durable film to protect your favorites gadgets from scratches leaving you worry free.

Have a look at the scratch test below, you will be amaze.


I’m going to get one for myself.


Source : ZAGG

Youtube on Ubuntu Firefox no sound

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This is the worst nightmare as most of the time I listen to music using youtube where you can find tonnes of music ranging from oldiest to 21’s century when using Firefox on Ubuntu can view the video but no sound. Luckily it was just a missing plugin that can be install to get back the sound else will be just wipe off back to windows :(.

Strange thing is you can listen to music using the music player but just aint got sound on firefox, so if you too having the same problem don’t wait just run the command below and you’re on your way to get back the sound:-

sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound

After install the package, you need to close the Firefox and re-open back. Previously this packages was named libflashsupport and you can’t install that to the current version 9.0.4.

IE for Ubuntu

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Sound kinda wierd to have Internet Explorer to be install on linux distro as we use linux is to run away from M$ world but sometimes have no choice as some of the website or appliances required to use IE, that’s bad. There is a tool call IEs4Linux to helps you install IE into your distro, just choose your distro version and download then install. I show on how to install for Ubuntu as I installed into my Ubuntu 9.0.4 Jaunty Jackalope with problem.

You need to install wine package and cabextract like this:-

sudo apt-get install wine cabextract

Once you done install the wine package and cabextract, you can proceed to download the IEs4linux and start the installation like below:-

tar xvfz ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
cd ies4linux-*

When you run the “./ies4linux” command it will start the gui installation where you can choose which IE version to install then it will download the rest of the package to install automatically, roughly takes about 10 to 15 min depend on your internet speed. That’s end of the installation and you will have your IE shown on the desktop.

Source : IEs4Linux

Phuket trip – Day 1

Our flight was in the early morning @ 7:25 am where we need to be at Airport 2 hours earlier for International flight, so we call for airport taxi service and mostly cost about RM 100+. I saw the Airport Limo mostly using black Waja few days back, so I call them up see how much they cost and to my surprise it only cost RM65.30 even for midnight pickup as our pickup was around 4:25 am. You can call this 1300-88-8989 phone number for limo services.

We fly Air Asia as we manage to get the free flight ticket last year, 1 thing about Air Asia that is the flight schedule will changed every now and sometimes you will get the notification about the changes and sometimes you won’t. As for our return flight was re-schedule from 4:30 to 9:05 pm but my uncle was not so lucky when he was in Hanoi where he did not get the notification and cause him stay another night at Hanoi where he only know the return flight was change to tomorrow afternoon as there is no longer night flight, that’s what Air Asia crew said. I re-check my schedule again few days earlier before take-off here see if they have any other changes and you can also use the same link to check your flight info as well.


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Firefox flaws critical fixes

Mozilla has announced a number of fixes for its Firefox browser, claiming that four of the flaws are critical. There are 2 “High” rating, 2 listed “Moderate” and 4 minor vulnerabilities.

Below is the flaws have been fixed in version 3.0.9

MFSA 2009-22 Firefox allows Refresh header to redirect to javascript: URIs
MFSA 2009-21 POST data sent to wrong site when saving web page with embedded frame
MFSA 2009-20 Malicious search plugins can inject code into arbitrary sites
MFSA 2009-19 Same-origin violations in XMLHttpRequest and XPCNativeWrapper.toString
MFSA 2009-18 XSS hazard using third-party stylesheets and XBL bindings
MFSA 2009-17 Same-origin violations when Adobe Flash loaded via view-source: scheme
MFSA 2009-16 jar: scheme ignores the content-disposition: header on the inner URI
MFSA 2009-15 URL spoofing with box drawing character
MFSA 2009-14 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:


Mozilla strongly advice to upgrade to the latest version 3.0.9 from here as soon as possible and I just upgraded mine.

Source : SC Magazine

Red cross on Vista network

Recently my vista display a red cross on the network indicator and I can’t recall what I’ve done or install. Weird thing is my network connection is working fine without any

interruption but the network icon just displaying red cross there is sometimes quite difficult to know if the network is working fine or not.


So I search the Google for any solution to fix it but failed to find any but on the found 1 from Microsoft and it does not provide any solution just ask to ignore the red cross on the network, here is the write-up from Microsoft

To work around this problem, you can safely ignore the red "X" over the connection icon that indicates that the network adapter is disconnected. The connection status is updated correctly even when the connection icon incorrectly displays a red "X."

What a good answer from Microsoft and i think they not going to fix it as Windows 7 is coming…think so. Here is the full article of the write-up.

Squid-2.6 transparent + SquidGuard

Its a tired long day for today as I spend almost half a day to setup the Squid-2.6 in transparent mode with squidGuard and I think most of you will think that I’m that dumb takes so long to configure that. It’s a very good experience to learn that you always need to keep up to the latest update on Linux as if you have stopped playing with it you will loose out.

That’s why it took me so long till I found out what’s the problem. First there was problem with squidGuard that all the configuration was done perfectly but the filtering was not working, end up manage to find the problem was the blacklist was not build with .db format. Second problem was the new Squid configuration for transparent mode was different from the older version and much more simpler. Below I write up all the steps to configure transparent proxy with squidGuard.

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Youtube turn upside down – April Fool or maintenance?

I was looking on some of the video on Youtube and I click on a video of the Hybrid car comparison, to my surprise the video come out to be upside down and I was thinking was it April fool jokes or what? So I choose another video but come out the same, then I send the link to my friend as I suspect could it be my pc problem or what ever but my friend also seeing the same thing.


But my friend told me that Youtube was doing a maintenance, so not sure if it cause by maintenance or April fool jokes. Does it happen to you?

Hot Air Balloon Photo

This is the photo taken last weekend on the 1st International Hot Air Balloon held @ Putrajaya, hope you guys enjoy the photo and sorry about the poor shot as taken using compact camera.

This photo also available in the photo section.

Earth Hour @ 28 March

Today I received the Earth Hour T-shirt that I order from via postage and I plan to wear it on a wedding dinner this Saturday night.Do you think the restaurant will follow the event by turning off the light during the dinner with just candle light and that would be awesome.I’m really can’t wait till that day to see how is it like whole city or even country without lights.

So what your plan for this big event?

You might not need to join the crowd but just stay out in the car porch and enjoy the night view, just feel like you’re on a beach…minus the wave sound. I hope most of the Malaysian are able to support for this event by just turning off the lights for 1 hour to save our mother nature although some might think what we can save by just turning off the light for an hour, right?

This is not just for 1 home or country but is worldwide and it won’t end here as this is also to educate people on saving planet by recycling, reduce pollution, save tree and energy.

Hope together we can save the planet to have a greener planet.


Earth Hour | WWF