Ways to save electricity

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Everything in Malaysia have increase price and all the citizen are finding ways to combat this issue as we can see from the petrol price hike quite a number have convert their vehicles into NGV as it much more cheaper. The electricity price also have gone up and we need to find ways to combat this too and here is some ways that can help to save your electricity bill

1. Use efficient lighting

Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents (CFLs). Compact fluorescents use four times less energy, and last eight times longer (8,000h instead of 1,000h) than incandescent light bulbs. For example, a typical 75W incandescent bulb will be replaced by an 18W compact fluorescent. The compact fluorescent will be more expensive to buy, but you will need to replace it eight times less often and it will use less electricity, which often makes it the biggest electricity saver in your house.  At a minimum, we recommend replacing the bulbs in all lamps that are used for 30min/day or more.
Fluorescent tubes are even more efficient than compact fluorescent lamps, and last even longer (10,000-20,000h). Only use tubes with a modern ballast starter that avoids flickering and lights immediately – good ones add another 20 percent efficiency. Another option is a CFL with a dedicated fixture. The electronic ballast which is part of the fixture lasts 40,000 hours and bulbs can be replaced separately at lower cost.  Both CFLs and fluorescent tubes are available in a dimmable fixtures. This can increase comfort, save even more energy and extend the lifetime of the bulb.

Especially avoid halogen floor lamps, which typically have a power of 300W or more, produce lots of heat and are actually so hot (some 500° Celsius) that they can cause serious burns and start fires. Besides, on hot summer days they are very uncomfortable to be around. A CFL floor lamp only uses 50-80W at 40° Celsius. They can save loads of energy and even your life.

Also pay attention to the light fixtures. Clever use of reflectors, and directional lamps to get the light where you need it can save you another 50 percent energy cost and improve your comfort! Well thought out use of efficient lights can thus reduce electricity needs up to 8 times.

CFLs at the end of their operating life should be disposed of properly so the mercury inside can be recycled.  To be clear, even if not recycled, CFLs are still the better choice, since the inefficiency of  incandescent and halogen lights causes far greater environmental damage – including mercury emissions from coal fired power plants.  (But  please do recycle the CFLs.)

2. Computers and IT

Buy a laptop instead of a desktop, if practical. It consumes five times less electricity. If you buy a desktop, get an LCD screen instead of an outdated CRT. Enable the power management function on your computer, the screensaver does not save energy. Check if your computer supports the more advanced Speedstep™ power management.
Switching off a computer extends its lifetime, contrary to some misconceptions. Leaving a computer running the whole year will cost you more than 1,000 kWh/y, or almost as much a the total electricity consumption of a high-efficiency household.

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Use one large power strip for your computer, broadband modem, scanner, printer, monitor, and speakers. Switch it off when equipment is not in use. This is a practical way to cut 200 kWh/y or more of standby losses (see standby).

Minimise printing. Laser printers use more electricity than inkjet printers.


Another ways to save electricity for company, they can look into Server Virtualization as you just need to purchase 1 server and have few servers running virtually as most of the server are not fully utilize like those DHCP, DNS, FTP and AD server. Isn’t it good to have those server running on single machine but not on same OS and the redundancy for the multiple servers only need to have a single redundancy.

3. Cut off standby losses (“The vicious energy-suckers”)

Most modern electric appliances consume electricity even when turned off. For TVs, VCRs, faxes, HiFis, computer screens, cable boxes, and broadband modems this is on average some 40 – 120 kWh/y. In total, household losses can reach several hundreds kWhs/y, all for doing nothing useful.

The best solution is to buy appliances that have a very low standby energy consumption. Standby power consumption is mentioned in the product manual and can be checked before buying. Or you can look for it on specialised websites  (see links). For most appliances, it should be around 0.5 – 1 watts/hour or 4-8 kWh/year. Keep in mind that the cost of wasted standby energy over  a model’s lifetime can be higher than the cost of buying it!

4. Do not use an electric boiler (hot water heater) for hot water.

An electric boiler consumes about 3,200 kWh/y (average OECD). But producing that electricity in highly inefficient gas, coal or nuclear plants, and then transmitting that electricity down the power line to your home costs some 9,600 kWh in electricity wasted as heat – so roughly 2/3rds of the energy is lost before it even reaches  your home. Using gas or oil directly to heat water reduces energy use to 3,800 kWh.

Source : GreenPeace

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  1. Avatar, thanks for visiting. Yupe is true, everyone is looking alternative to save $.

    Ecomony is bad now, if you have any more way to save $ share with us.

  2. Dear Simon,

    Save money is important. More important is to earn more money…

    Best way to save is to cut down on loan interest… Those banks charge about 10% interest right…so if you can clear them, save a lot already…

    Money earn money is the best. Maybe you should start looking at share market now lor… It’s starting to look attractive.

    But must be careful-lar… 🙂

  3. Hi Avatar,

    Thanks for the advise, share market must be very careful not easy for non-share market knowledge to play with it else will get burned 🙂

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